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Below are links we hope you might find useful

(we only provide links to people we know or organisations or products we would be happy to recommend or use ourselves)


Accommodation links: - if visiting or attending training courses


Elmfield B&B The closest B&B to us, just 1 mile away in Northlew village within walking distance of the Green Dragon pub for food

East Worth Farmhouse B&B Tel: 01409 221757  2.3 miles away (10 mins) located the other side of the village 

Travel Lodge at Sourton Cross. As you come of the main A30 on the west end of Okehampton. A 15 minute drive

The George Hotel in Hatherleigh, 10 minutes drive away. Accommodation and food. Famously rebuilt after a fire burnt it down in 2008

The Linhay B&B, Copplestone. Run by friends of ours & positively the most delightful, relaxing and tranquil B&B if you are really wanting to make a weekend of being away. A 45 minute drive away from us. Listed with Sawdays and rated by the Daily Telegraph as one of the 10 coolest B&Bs in the country 2017

Waytown Farm self-catering cottage with friends Helen & Murray. Located between Northlew and Okehampton, approximately 10 minutes drive away. Helen offers a smallholding/farm property search service if you are looking to relocate to the Westcountry



Sheep links:


National Sheep Association 

AHDB beef and lamb - publish really useful booklets on all aspects of land, sheep & cattle health and management

British Coloured Sheep Breeders Association  We are a bit partial to coloured sheep breeds...

British Wool Marketing Board 


British sheep breed societies:


Balwen Welsh Mountain Sheep Society (we've kept a flock of Balwen since 2005)
Black Welsh Mountain (we have 2 BWM ewes in our mixed flock for use on our Sheep courses)
Bluefaced Leicester (we have 'Mandy' & 'Opal' coloured BFL ewes in our commercial flock)

Blue Texel (Our most recent additions into our commercial flock)
Castlemilk Moorit  (we had a Castlemilk ewe for a few years, an attractive primitive breed)
Clun Forest 
Cotswold Sheep 
Devon & Cornwall Longwool
Devon Closewool 
Dorset Down 
Dorset Horn & Poll Dorset (we occassionally borrow a neighbour's PD ram for breeding)
Easy Care
Exmoor Horn  (we have bred Exmoor Horn in the past, very protective mums)
Gotland  (we used to run a flock of Gotlands, they produce super lustrous curly grey fleeces)
Greyface Dartmoor (we have one GFD ewe in our mixed flock & have bred them previously)
Hampshire Down 
Hill Radnor 
Jacob  (we keep a flock of Jacob sheep, breeding some pure & others crossed to a Poll Dorset)
Kerry Hill  (we bred these striking sheep for a few years but found they didn't suit our ground)
Leicester Longwool 
Lincoln Longwool 
Manx Loaghtan 
Norfolk Horn (we used to breed this smart upright sheep)
North Country Cheviot 
North Ronaldsay 
Oxford Down  (if I were allowed another breed of sheep, this may well be it...)
Rough Fell 
Ryeland (including Coloured ryelands) (Our favourite of all the sheep breeds we keep)
Shropshire  (our main flock; initially chosen as they are a tree friendly breed)
Soay and Boreray 

White Face Dartmoor
Whitefaced Woodland 
Wiltshire Horn 


Poultry links:


Piers' Sheds and Animal Housing  Can't recommend more highly; quality animal housing made to order

Feathersite An American website but very useful

Brinsea  The best incubators you can buy

Domestic Fowl Trust 

Forsham cottage arks Some of our original houses came from here - before we met Piers (above link)

Defra's poultry registration pages 

The Rare Poultry Society


A few of our favourite breeds' clubs, contacts or associations: 


Andalusian - (overseen by the RPS) Registrar Mr Andrew Bowden 01285 821067
Barnevelder Club
Ixworth (RPS) Registrar Colin Wood 01773 880623 (correct as of 2018)
Lakenvelder (RPS) registrar Juliet Hill 01522 778250 (correct as of 2018)
Marans Club
Sabelpoot (Booted bantams)
Vorwerk (RPS) Registrar Jane Freeman 07710 653124 (correct as of 2018)


Pig links:


The British Pig Association

The Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB Pork

The eAML site - for all pig movement records

The Oxford Sandy & Black Pig Group on facebook run by Kim Brook is a great source of advice for all pig keepers


British Pig breed clubs and contacts:


Gloucestershire Old Spots
Large Black
Large White
Middle White
Oxford Sandy and Black


Cattle links


British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS) for notifying all cattle movements, births & deaths

Our cattle breeds:


Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society

Riggit Galloway Cattle Society  The friendliest cattle society you could find!

Canadian Speckle Park Association

Irish Speckle Park Society  (there is no UK Society as yet)



General links that interest us & that you may find useful


The Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) 

The Devon Association of Smallholders (training and support for smallholdersin Devon and beyond)


David Brown Tractor Club

Centre for Alternative Technology Country

Smallholding magazine

Defra’s Stewardship Schemes

Ecolots on line marketplace

Rare Breeds Survival Trust Rare Breeds watch list

Angling 2000 wild fishing marketing scheme

A friend’s organic farm in Cumbria selling meat direct from the farm

The Basketmakers Association


Gillian’s father is a traditional woodsman making heavy timber frames where he lives in Canada under the Pig & Whistle name