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Our animals


In 2000 and we started to reclaim fields to keep rare breeds of sheep, pigs, cattle, ducks, geese and chicken and to actively manage the land to benefit wildlife and livestock alike. The farm is in Defra’s Environmental Stewardship scheme. We currently have 120+ sheep in 6 different breeding flocks, 300 or so chicken, a handful of pigs, and a herd of native cattle made up of traditional Beef Shorthorns and rare Riggit Galloways.

Pedigree Balwen, Shropshire & Exmoor Horn sheep are kept to produce registered breeding stock for sale. We also have Coloured Ryland, Jacob, Greyface Dartmoor and British Lavender sheep available. Unregisterable animals are sold to new keepers for pretty lawn mowers or fattening; we have seasonal fresh lamb, hogget, and mutton boxes, naturally coloured lamb skin rugs, knitting wools and raw fleeces for spinning, felting and knitted goods.

Native breeds of pigs are raised for fresh pork and mouth watering crackling, bacon, gammon and delicious real meaty sausages

Rare breeds of chickens, ducks and geese are reared to sell for breeding, hatching eggs, and for their colourful free range eating eggs or simply pretty hens for the garden. Our breed list changes occasionally and currently have 25 different ones to choose from.

Beef Shorthorn and Riggit Galloway cattle provide fresh beef selection boxes and now our herd has reached its maintenance numbers we have occasional pedigree breeding heifers and fattening bullocks for sale. Pretty cattle hides are turned into sumptuous rugs or wall hangings.