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When you order our meat boxes, we will contact you to confirm receipt of your order and to discuss how you would like your meat butchered. Our animals are reared seasonally and sent to the butcher in small batches when they are ready, so there may be a little wait until your chosen meat box is available. Feel free to contact us in advance to find out when the next beef, pork or lamb will be coming back from the butcher.

Please read more about how we rear our animals on the 'Farm Fresh Meat' pages

Meat Boxes
Lamb Box  Whole Lamb

Lamb Box Whole Lamb

A fresh whole lamb born & reared on our farm and professionally butchered to your specification. Each lamb will include 2 leg joints, 2 shoulder joints, 2 loin joints, some chops, breast and neck. Offal also included by request. Order now and we will be in touch to find out how you would like it butchered and to let you know when the next lamb will be available - usually June onwards each year. Packed in insulated boxes with freezer packs and sent by overnight carrier.

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