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Farm Fresh Meat


The best way to know how and where your meat comes from is to buy direct from the farm and to cut out the middle man. We are always happy to show and explain to customers how our animals are reared. All the beef and lamb we sell is born and raised on the farm. We like to keep our animals at grass with no additional concentrate feed so they are entirely naturally fed. Our pigs live in the woods, and sheep and cattle graze the pasture, and in the winter when grass growth is poor, they are supplemented by being fed hay made on the farm. The breeds we have chosen suit this management style and take a little longer to rear than commercial breeds, thus giving them plenty of time to develop a good depth of flavour. 

Because we are a relatively small farm, we do not have a continuous supply of meat year round; rather animals are ready seasonally. We take orders in advance and keep our customers updated on when the next available beef, pork and lamb boxes will be ready. In addition to collection from the farm, we are able to courier meat boxes overnight to most parts of the UK in chilled polyboxes to arrive fresh for you to use or put in the freezer. 

Shorthorn Beef – Beef the way it used to taste, slow matured on grass, real 1980's Sunday roast dinners! We usually send off 2-3 home bred beef animals to our butcher each year and he hangs the meat for 4-5 weeks for it to tenderise, then skilfully butchers it for us. When it comes back fresh from the butcher, we make up 10Kg or 15Kg mixed beef boxes to sell that include a variety of joints from the fore, middle and hind quarters, a selection of steaks, mince, stewing cuts and pasty beef.

Lamb, hogget or mutton – Half or whole lamb boxes are available from July and throughout the Autumn. We keep some lambs on until they are around 18 months old before sending them off as hogget in November each year, and occassionally have mutton available too. We can have our butcher cut to your requirements. All are naturally reared at grass. Lamb weights vary but an approximate whole butchered lamb will be in the region of 18-24Kg, hogget or mutton will be a little more as it is from an older and therefore larger animal.

Pork – Our pigs are reared outdoors year-round in our wood where they are free to roam and root over 2 acres creating wallows and lounging in the shade of trees – as it should be! Available approx. every three months depending on orders. We sell quarter or half pigs (butchered of course), bacon, sausages and gammon, all of which can be cut to your specification – e.g. large or small joints, on or off the bone. 

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